Friday, May 28, 2010

Help manual: how to download and install software

Either you have a Broadband or ADSL internet connection, when you try to download large files – programs, music, videos or whatever – you can encounter downloading problems such as interruptions or low speed. You may be tempted to think that your computer reached its limits. But, stop, do not throw it away! It is not its fault. An overloaded network or server is usually the main cause.

This could be out of your control, but, there is always a solution!

First, try to accurately follow the instructions displayed on the screen. We will try to guide every visitor of our website. Also, using the mirrors hosted on our well-balanced servers instead of external mirrors will help a lot.

The usage of a Software Download manager program, usually keeps you away from this kind of trouble.

If no one of the above clues helps then simply comeback later at non-peak hours. We always reserve some bits for our devoted visitors.

How to install software? Once you have the setup program setup package on your hard drive (e.g. .exe, .zip for Windows, .tar.gz for Linux or .dmg for Mac) only press enter on the executable file (.exe) and an installation wizard will guide through the process. If it is an archive you have to unzip it before proceeding with the previous step. Good luck!

Did you download a program and it won’t work? Some applications don’t have all the components required for running (for example, some newer programs may require .NET Framework components to be able run them on XP while in Vista they are already included). Be assured that Soft Specialist is struggling to offer you all you need for proper installation.

Ooops! Too much trash, it’s cleaning time! How to get rid of software installed on your computer? Usually, in the setup package is included an uninstallation option. If this doesn’t exist, then there is an alternative to help with your uninstalling thoughts: go to Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs. Here you will see a list with the currently installed programs on your system. Select the unwanted stuff and click ‘Remove’. But to be surer that your system is completely clean use an uninstaller, especially designed to remove all or parts of a specific application.

More about software downloads or help on how to install programs without having headaches will come in the SoftSpecialist next articles. Until next time Keep Safe! Safe software and safe computers.

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